Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is the 2nd Tool Time Tuesday on A Red Bike and Khaki Shorts.  This week’s tool is Scissors.  Not just any Scissor, but the Cutter Bee Scissor! Tune in every Tuesday and Enjoy.

Cutter Bee Scissors

When asking my Mom if I could use her scissors the answer was always “Not My Good Ones”. At the time I did not understand, to me scissor were scissors did it really matter what you were cutting?  As it turns out it does matter.  Today I have several different types of scissors and yes they are used to cut different things. And just as my Mom did, when someone asked if they can use my scissors I answer “Not My Good Ones”.

Cutter Bee Scissors are very sharp and a fundamental item in my Scrapbook tool kit.  They are prefect for cutting small intricate items.  The comfort grip and safety cover are another significant selling point.  Come in several colors and cost around $10.  For anyone just starting to collect Scrapbook tools I would highly recommend investing in a pair of Cutter Bee Scissors.

Cutter Bee Scissors

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today is the 1st Tool Time Tuesday on A Red Bike and Khaki Shorts.  The plan is to profile a great tool each week.  These tools maybe for Crafting, Gardening, Organizing or just for LIFE in general.  If you have a favorite tool that you cannot live without please share.  Tune in every Tuesday and Enjoy.

Curling/Flat Iron

Now those who know me well will tell you that spending a lot of time on my hair is just not my thing.  So you may ask: What is she doing with a Curling/Flat Iron?  Every now and then I think to myself “Self you should do something different with your hair”.  By now I should know better and just stop myself when these thought enter my mind. They never amount to much.  In this case my new Curling/Flat Iron did not last long in the bathroom so it moved to my craft room.  

It all started years ago when my Mom was unpacking the Christmas decorations and the fancy bows she used to decorate were “flattened”.  Not the look she was going for. As was expected, my Mom came up with a bright idea! Use a curling iron to fluff the bows back into their original shape. It worked like a charm.

To be Green I save ribbon that comes with different packaging. Fancy dips and store packaging, presents, just to name a few.  The only problem when you untie them they are so wrinkled….like the linen skirt that was so pretty when you put it on fresh from the dry cleaner but when you get out the car to go into the office…. You know the rest.  That is where the Curling/Flat Iron comes handy.  Just plug it in, let it heat up and run the ribbon through the barrel.  Below is a photo of two different ribbons – the blue was run through the curling iron and the green was run through the flat iron to show that each works the same.

**WARNING** The Curling/Flat Iron is HOT!!!!!!!!! Watch you finger tips. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hat Box Tags

I have been searching for a China Cabinet that jumps out at me. Since that has not occurred hat boxes are used to store my dishes.  This worked well when I only had two boxes but now that I have four it was hard to remember what was in each box.  While perusing my favorite blog BNOTP I saw she had made cute tags for her office baskets.  Using that as inspiration I made a tag for each hat box.  Now I can tell at a glance where the dishes are stored.

  • Removed the pink ribbon from the chip board tags. (pink did not go with my d├ęcor)
  • Cut out the letters using Wild Card and white vinyl.
  • Affixed letters to tags.
  • Added ribbon to tags
  • Tied tags to appropriate boxes.

Vinyl – White (ETSY)
Transfer Tape – (ETSY)
Chip Board Tags – (Michael’s dollar bin)
Ribbon – Black sheer w/ White dots

Cricut – Wild Card
Cricut Design Studio
Ink Roller

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden Hose Wreath

The same basket of geraniums have been hanging on the front door for several years and though they are still in good shape, I was ready for a change.  While reading my favorite blog "Between Naps of the Porch" I can across a link to another cool blog. Well, truth be told I have come across several other cool blogs from BNOTP!  One blog had a wreath made from a garden hose.  From there I Googled images of hose wreaths and found pages of different wreath all using the hose as the base. These images made my creative juices to flow.  Enjoy

6ft Garden Hose (Home Depot)
1 pair Garden Gloves (Dollar tree)
2 Flower Seed Packs (Dollar tree)
3 Sprigs of Small Flowers (Dollar tree)
Green Raffia (Hobby Lobby)
Wire (Michaels)

Glue Gun
Craft Knife
Wire Snipers
Large Needle

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rubber Stamp Storage

As the before photo shows the rubber stamps were stuffed into a small box. A pretty box but not functional. Needed a better way to store the stamps so you can tell what was available at a glance.

Along comes Kelli with the solution.  The 13 1/8" x 9" clear 6 compartment box from the container store. Purchase price $14.99 but worth every penny. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cleaning Cricut Cutting Matts

Here is a tip I found on the Cricut message board. I have tried this and found it works great.

Items Needed

Old Rag
91% Alcohol
ZIG 2 Way Glue - Jumbo Tip

Using an old rag and alcohol, rub mat until all sticky is removed. Very easy process! Rinse with warm water - let dry completely. Finish by applying ZIG 2 Way Glue to entire mat. Whip away any glue on the green outside edge. When glue turns white (clear) replace protective sheet. The mat is now sticky and ready to use.