Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is the 2nd Tool Time Tuesday on A Red Bike and Khaki Shorts.  This week’s tool is Scissors.  Not just any Scissor, but the Cutter Bee Scissor! Tune in every Tuesday and Enjoy.

Cutter Bee Scissors

When asking my Mom if I could use her scissors the answer was always “Not My Good Ones”. At the time I did not understand, to me scissor were scissors did it really matter what you were cutting?  As it turns out it does matter.  Today I have several different types of scissors and yes they are used to cut different things. And just as my Mom did, when someone asked if they can use my scissors I answer “Not My Good Ones”.

Cutter Bee Scissors are very sharp and a fundamental item in my Scrapbook tool kit.  They are prefect for cutting small intricate items.  The comfort grip and safety cover are another significant selling point.  Come in several colors and cost around $10.  For anyone just starting to collect Scrapbook tools I would highly recommend investing in a pair of Cutter Bee Scissors.

Cutter Bee Scissors

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