Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden Hose Wreath

The same basket of geraniums have been hanging on the front door for several years and though they are still in good shape, I was ready for a change.  While reading my favorite blog "Between Naps of the Porch" I can across a link to another cool blog. Well, truth be told I have come across several other cool blogs from BNOTP!  One blog had a wreath made from a garden hose.  From there I Googled images of hose wreaths and found pages of different wreath all using the hose as the base. These images made my creative juices to flow.  Enjoy

6ft Garden Hose (Home Depot)
1 pair Garden Gloves (Dollar tree)
2 Flower Seed Packs (Dollar tree)
3 Sprigs of Small Flowers (Dollar tree)
Green Raffia (Hobby Lobby)
Wire (Michaels)

Glue Gun
Craft Knife
Wire Snipers
Large Needle

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