Friday, May 29, 2009


Another project completed. See before and after photos below of my latest project. I used metal bookends (recycled from a friend), wooden letters (Hobby Lobby), white paint, polka-dot paper and embellishments I had on hand. To add a splash of color I added a red brad on the small and a red button on the large bookend. (idea from Kelli)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bringing Paper Home

Just as you need the proper car seat when bringing home a baby, you also need a way to bring 12 x 12 paper home without damage. As gentle as the sale person tries to be when placing the paper sheets into a plastic shopping bag, we have all gotten home with that special paper torn or wrinkled. (shaking you head now right)

Try this tip:

Keep 12 x 12 page protectors in your car at all times. After paying for your paper ask the sales person to place the paper into a page protector before placing in the store bag. This will help keep the paper flat and clean. Several sheets will fit into a singe page protector. The Dollar Tree sells packs of 12 x 12 page protectors, 10 for a $1.00. Think of it as insurance for the expensive paper.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Clip it up

Here is my home made Clip it Up. I love it. It spins. The base is a lazy susans I got a at Goodwill. The two rings are from lamp shades also purchased at Goodwill. The center pole is a lamp part form Home Depot. You can also use a terra cotta pot saucer as the base. You will need to drill a hole with a masonry bit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Blog Ever!

Welcome to my Blog. This blog will be dedicated to the subject of Scrap Booking. Those of you who know me, will understand when I go off in another direction every now and then. Those who don't know me will learn this fairly quickly.

I am going to start with photos of my new craft room. The original use of this room was as a guest room/office. Since I do more crafts then have guest, I removed the bed. Now you may ask where my guests will sleep, and I have a plan. The bed that was in the room is now in a storage closet and will be brought out when guests appear.

If you have questions on any items you see just contact me and I will be happy to reply. Have a good night.